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Apollo allows you to customise your in-game audio experience. Apollo reads your gaming moments, and reacts to gameplay in real time, playing the best sound to suit the occasion. Use sounds, music and announcers from our library or simply create your own content for the best gaming experience possible.

Content is grouped into packs, created by the Apollo team, our partners (musicians, streamers and voice actors) and by our community! Using the Workshop, you can create packs for your favourite games (League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite & CSGO) and share it with your friends and our community.

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Free Library of Custom Announcers

Have you ever wanted to change the voice of the in-game announcer?

Well now you can. Download Apollo and select from one of our free to use announcer packs, all voiced by professional actors.

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Create Your Own Content

Through our audio uploading tool, you can easily create your own in-game announcer packs and manage them in our Workshop.

Upload your own music and voice to use them in the games that you love to play!

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Share with the community

You can use a whole range of announcer packs which have been created by the Apollo community!

Find the perfect pack to suit you from our range of Apollo creators. You’ll never have a dull in-game experience again.

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Experience New Music

Are you bored of the same in-game music?

Select from our wide range of music packs which have been produced by gamers, for gamers.

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Share your creations and earn prizes

Join to be the first to get news on the latest updates, share content, earn prizes and to chat with the Apollo team directly!

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Still have questions?

We partner with Overwolf, who provides us with the in-game events to play the audio at the right moments.
If you use cheats, yeah pretty sure you will. But don't worry, you're safe using Apollo.
Yes! We're pushing updates every week or so. We also try to keep the content fresh and free.
Absolutely, with only a few restrictions on the music packs. For the announcer ones, go ham!
So do we. We generally try to find answers and listen to your feedback on our Discord. Very philosophical.

Not convinced? Download anyways.


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